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Easy water changer/mixer

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So, I like many others like to tinker and build things. My mind is non-stop at times with crazy ideas and more times than not they are forgotten or just not at all practical. Well after looking at many different RO/mixing stations I wanted to make my own with a twist because I already had an RO storage container and wasn’t going to modify it.  However I’ve been mixing salt in a brute container and was willing to modify it. So I used some bulkheads I had laying around, some plumbing, a mag 9.5 pump, and some lumber. I also made something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time to simplify actual salt mixing so I built in an extra piping system with an eductor in it and a salt container to hold salt that auto adds with a vacuum and I can control that amount with a valve.  It’s not pretty but it works awesome.  This mixing system also has a suction hose on one side of the cart and a output on the other so I hang a hose in the tank and I can pump out of the tank straight to the drain.  Switch the hose to the outlet side and pump my mixed salt into the tank. No lugging any buckets just fill barrel with RO turn on the pump turn some valves and I start mixing salt and don’t have to worry about big piles of salt not getting mixed in the barrel. 


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