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What's new at LRS for 2020!?


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It's been a while since I've posted, but to be honest we've had so many "work from sun up to sun down" days over the past year that I haven't been able to post on many club forums. Our LRS Foods Facebook page and my personal page, as well as Instagram are where we are posting daily updates. While our own brand of food continues to rise in popularity with retailers, public aquaria and aquaculture markets have opened up for us and been a huge and steady stream of orders. Our Fertility Frenzy food continues to be a favorite of places line Biota and facilities in Florida and Hawaii. We had many requests from retailers to pick up complimentary products to "bundle" with our foods to make getting premium foods easier and delivered frozen solid.

So we now have seven food brands under our distribution umbrella with the most recent addition being the line of Hikari Frozen foods. These are the brands we distribute to local fish stores...


Naturally adding all this food to our line up of product offerings required more freezers and storage space. So last May we broke ground on the "LRS Annex" and had a Grand Opening party on October 20th. The first floor consists of a shipping station with scales, freezers, refrigerators, foam coolers, dry food racks, and more. The second floor has a "LRS Lounge" for entertaining industry guests (which we get a lot of) and an office space which I will be moving into soon. This new structure is across the driveway from our production kitchen which now has doubled in size since the shipping supplies have been moved out. So a lot has been going on here for the past 6-12 months and we are now staffed with 7 employees. My daughter managing the front of the house operations with customer service and order processing and my son managing the back end with inventory and shipping. I've delegated 90% of my responsibilities, both as a failsafe to make sure the business can operate without me while I am still lurking in the background, but also to let my adult kids grow into their respective roles.

Here are a few pics to give you an idea of what we've been up to...



New freezers in the shipping center for pulling orders quickly to pack and ship out.


A wall of New Life Spectrum pellets and flakes.


Unpacking a 55 case shipment of Hikari USA frozen foods.


A pallet of PE Mysis being offloaded into our walk-in freezer.



My son and I on a typical shipping day.


My soon to be office upstairs.


Orders about to have dry ice added to the top before sealing and shipping.


This is what the shipping station looks like before the mayhem starts.


Lastly, this is my daily sidekick, my grandson who comes to work every day, steals the fruit out of my salad at lunch and pretty much hangs in my office or the shipping station.


If you have read this far I appreciate it and thank you very much for your support!

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22 minutes ago, Joe said:

Still remember you starting this crazy journey. Looks great. Can’t help but think of the juice that flows through all those freezers if they all kick on at the same time. Lol. 

Thanks everyone! Joe it's been an insane ride that's for sure and I don't think anyone, myself included could have predicted where we would end up. I've met a lot of great folks along the way and have had one hell of an education on nutrition and business. We're looking forward to seeing what the next few years bring!

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