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Adams Shallow 80g


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Well...I guess the times has come for me to actually give this build its own thread. So here it is.

Tank: 80g shallow tank (48x24x16) drill for Eshopps Eclipse overflow

Stand is a diy stand, nothing amazing but looks decent

Esphopps R-200 gen 3 sump. They discounted this model so I got a great deal.

Skimmer: Reef Octopus Classic 150int

Still deciding on lights, flow, and return pump but leaning towards the Ecotech line for each.

Plans are to move everything from the lagoon over once I finish and get things aquascaped and cycled.


Here's are some of progress pictures:







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21 hours ago, Muttley000 said:

Looks really nice!  Looking forward to watching!


21 hours ago, Joe said:

Looks great! Like it belongs in that spot. 


1 hour ago, crimsonvice said:

Nothing amazing?!? The stand looks great! Can't wait to see it come together. 

Thanks everyone!

@crimsonvice you know what they say. Good from far, far from good. Haha

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Tank dimensions are 48" x 24" x 16"

Rock work measures about 9.5" at the highest point, 30" long, and about 20" at it's widest points.

I want more of a two island scape and since I'll be move rock over from the 25g this will be too long. If it was the only structure...it'd be pretty close to something I'd go with. Hoping this weekend I can spend sometime on it and make a cardboard tank mockup to give better perspective of size.

2 hours ago, buk said:

I can't see it relative to the size and shape of the tank but it's not bad looking at all


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On 2/22/2020 at 8:10 PM, AndrewSPS said:

Looks great! 


On 2/22/2020 at 8:25 PM, Jesse said:

Loving the rock work.


12 hours ago, Muttley000 said:

Outstanding Work!

Thanks everyone! Starting to get closer and closer on this. Hopefully with a few other things slowing down I can really get a jump on get this wet. 

Wanted to check and see how my shadowing was with the rock work...since the 25g sits close, I had just enough cable to move the Radion on to check things out20200223_192320.thumb.jpg.833e4f6747e2198db81f5f9100d2bf67.jpg


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Pulled the trigger on some Gen5 xr15 pros. I'll add my current gen 3 xr15 to the mix when I move everything over and run a total of 3. Might swap the gen3 out later if I'm not happy with it amongst the gen5's. At least this will keep me busy while stuck in the house this weekend.



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22 hours ago, AndrewSPS said:

Love the tank. Super clean looking and that aquas cape will be perfect. 

Thanks! I'm really happy with how the aquascape turned out. I left it sit in the tank for a couple weeks to just look at it and see how I really felt after some time...and still wouldn't change it.

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