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How To Dip Corals And Remove Pests With Gallery Aquatica TV

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Removing Coral Pests and Algae

Dip dip dip, don’t let those nasties in your tank! Ania from Gallery Aquatica TV is back again with another informative and entertaining video about the importance of dipping corals and removing pests.

Gallery Aquatics has an impressive grow out room and wants to make sure no nuisance pests or unwanted algae infiltrate their system. In this video, Ania gives a rundown of the tools she uses for dipping corals and removing pests, as well as the best products to use for different situations.

There are lots of dip products to choose from and Ania gives an analysis of when to use each product for removing different pests or algae. From plant-based dips to irritate pests like flatworms to iodine-based dips with antibacterial properties for healing cuts or for fighting diseased like brown jelly disease.

Ania is full of knowledge helping us untangling the different scenarios you would want to use which dip product.

Do you know the difference between these dips, and in what situation to use each one?

Dipping should be an integral part of your corals care routine. First, give your corals a visual inspection to identify pests or nuisance algae. Or if you’re introducing brand new corals to your system just go ahead and dip them even if you can see any pests.

Secondly, pick a dip product best suited to your needs. Some pests need to be removed with coral snips or long tweezers, while others can be blasted off with a turkey baster by dipping in saltwater and dip solution.

Did you know that you can also use a targeted dose of hydrogen peroxide to remove algae!

Whether you’re a first-time dipper or a seasoned veteran we’re sure you will find this video useful and worth your time.


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