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Radion XR 30 G4's on Aquatic Life T5HO Hybrid Fixture


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Radions have been used for approx 20 months at a max of 40% for 7 hours a day.

Aquatic Life T5HO 48" Hybrid Fixture is 1 year old and only ran for 2 days before taking offline. Comes with 4 ATI Blue Plus bulbs with 15 hours on them.

Everything is in great condition and never had an issue with any of it just don't need it anymore.

Even with the Radions currently on clearance at 20% off this setup is still $1780 + tax new.


Willing to separate but prefer not to. 

Radions $425 each t5 $250




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6 hours ago, Aidanj said:

Hello do you still have the radions and the t5 hybrid Im really interested.

Sorry i don't have the radions anymore but i do still have the t5 hybrid fixture if you're interested

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