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Firsthand Lions (100g acrylic predator tank build)


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This tank is now absolutely bustling! List of inhabitants:
2 snowflake eels
Green wolf eel
Black Vol lionfish
Springer’s damsel
Picasso trigger
Fairy wrasse
Christmas wrasse
Sally light foot crab
Coral banded shrimp
Peppermint shrimp
Assorted hermits and snails
Assorted corals: psammy rock, Duncan’s, green hairy mushrooms, GSP, and palys

Combining my two tanks inhabitants was... remarkably peaceful. I was really nervous, but there’s been no signs of aggression from anyone. The peppermint shrimp still living is nothing short of a miracle, but I didn’t have anywhere else for it to go. Three days in to the move and everyone is eating krill again.

I feel such an incredible weight off of my shoulders. If anyone is ever thinking “I should set up a second large reef tank,” definitely really weigh out the pros and cons. I found it far to much to deal with on top of school and my both of my tanks suffered as a result. With only one tank now, I never need to decide which tank gets a water change today, feeding time is cut in half, and I can look at all my apartments salty critters in one direction.

I’ll take and post some pictures this weekend

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