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Robo-Tank DIY Aquarium Controller

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Robo-Tank DIY Aquarium Controller

Fully automate your aquarium with an open source solution and Reef-pi.


Robo-Tank is your road to a reliable, affordable and flexible aquarium controller. Now you can keep your kidney and still have a fully automated system on your freshwater or reef tank. This is an open source hardware solution for the open source Reef-pi aquarium controller software that runs on a Raspberry Pi. 


Whether you're a DIY fanatic or want something almost ready to go, Robo-Tank is for you. My mission is to provide a wide range of high quality, affordable hardware for Reef-pi and with your help this is just a preview of what's to come. You can visit my website at https://www.robo-tank.ca where you can also find a support forum so feel free to sign up.

What can Robo-Tank do?

It can control all the equipment for your reef tank or freshwater aquarium with flexibility, you can use any sensor to control any equipment.

Control AC power outlets 120v – 240v

Speed controllable DC powered ports

0–5v PWM outputs to control factory equipment

0–10v selectable PWM or Analog outputs to control factory equipment

Automatic top off system

Automatic water change system

Monitor temperatures

Monitor pH

Monitor water sensors

Examples of what you can connect to the speed controllable DC powered ports.

Dosing pumps

Water pumps

LED strip lights


Cooling fans

Fish feeders (requires opening feeder and soldering a few wires)

Here’s an example of sensors you can connect.

Optical water sensors (may require a resistor)

Non-Contact water sensors (may require a resistor)

Float switches

Water sensor boards (may require a resistor)   






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4 hours ago, Muttley000 said:

It would be fun to tinker with, just need the time!

We all may have some free time on our hands soon. :t107085:

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