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Ryan's First SW Tank (10g NUVO)

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I'm extremely excited for this weekend because it's when@AspiringLobophyllia drops off the goods for me to get started!


By Tuesday everything else will be ready to go! I've got the stand set up, RO/DI water made, and the neighbors are eagerly awaiting their new mates.


The stocking list is going to be a pair of small ocellaris clownfish and a yellow clown goby to keep them company.


Updates to follow, please feel free to comment as things come up!3becd664ea449f7953accab429f9ce32.jpg9a70bfcb4137c4f801ac0375c5be49aa.jpgc5637e1f4c9bd9831013fb99a78059e3.jpg21850eff885ea0572856db17c97b2afd.jpg42b5b4b5e4cc4f727a53cf534aa9f0ba.jpg

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Update 2... The scape didn't go as planned but ended up being better for height and coral placement. The tank is officially all set up with ammonia and bacteria in to get the cycle rolling. I'm really happy with how it turned out, even added a light shade to keep the light out of your eyes from the couch.

SG - 1.025
Temp - 77deg

2 ocel. clowns
1 yellow clown goby

5 blue legged hermits
3 trochus snails (if I can find them)

Open to suggestions for CUC and anything else.64e01b2240e5e799416c6cfa62c1c8b2.jpga903c4e1870a11fbd1da7f39776071af.jpg1fd3cd0f646aaa8813ae1ab773340186.jpg3cc9d1c408bc23376cd6d80fc9637e52.jpg

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