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Lets see those nems


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9 hours ago, cptnspanky said:

Dang@Muttley000 do i count 10 btas in that first pic? Whats the nem in the 2nd pic?

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There's 12 in there now.  One I got from you at the old school swap at Labo's and it's split are in the lower right of the pic, the rest all came from one I got from Joe a couple years ago.  I gave one to @euphylin me in DBTC also.  The green one is a BTA that I got from @music a couple years ago.  Hasn't been bubbling up for a couple weeks now, that one has never split for me.

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1 hour ago, mchute85 said:

Will a nem do well in a 20 gallon tank?  Been running for 3+ years.  I have an Ocean Revive t-247 which I think should support a nem.

I was thinking about a bubble tip that I would get locally in Columbus.  I see them pop-up for sale often on the local Facebook group.

You can easily have a nem in that tank. 

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