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Petco back in business!

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3 hours ago, mrx1tuba said:

Sad news folks. Petco has decided to hold off on ordering fish a bit longer. I know we are all sad to hear this.  Hopefully in a couple more weeks but I'll be sure to post it here.


What if any saltwater fish do you have in stock at this moment?

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Blue jaw trigger

Flame hawk

Swallowtail angel

Two bar rabbit

Magnificent foxface

Asfur angel

Chalk basslet 

Ora filefish 

Scissortail goby

Bicolor blenny 

Along with some other aquaculture gobies, clowns, dottybacks, and cardinals. 

Also have a variety of easy corals with a varying price range. 

Not many inverts other than cleaner shrimp and a handful of crabs and snails. 

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