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Nanoreef 7 year old son had a stroke

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@Nanoreef13’s 7 year old son had a stroke. I will let him fill you in on details as he wants to but it was caused from an accident on a trampoline. He spent four weeks in the hospital but is home now. 

How can you help?

A few members came together and bought the frag tank setup @gremliw had for sale for nano and his son. I drove up to Lima Saturday then delivered the tank on Sunday. If you’d like to contribute to the donation pm me and we will work our details.

@gremliw - setup at more than half off $380
@mchute85 - $100
@Muttley000 - $50
@Jesse - $50

Buckeye Reef covered the balance of the setup. You can contribute to the purchase or simply donate to their go fund me. 


Of course your thoughts and prayers are needed over anything else. 


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Hey everyone I just want to tell you thank you so much!!! Thank you @mchute85, Thank you @Muttley000, Thank you @Jesse, and thank you @gremliw! You all have made a little boy extremely happy!! He has asked every morning when we are going to be setting up the tank. Yesterday he just wanted to go in the garage and look at the empty tank haha. This is a little bit of his story below. I will be starting a build thread with his tank and how he is doing. 

Ok, Wyatts recovery is not measured by days. It is measured by weeks and months all the way up to a year or longer. But it is the hope that by a years time, Wyatt will be mostly back to his old self. There are areas where he may not get to 100% again, but he is a fighter and so stubborn that I believe he WILL make a full recovery. It just won’t be a couple weeks down the line. We are looking at at least 6 months to possibly a year. God has put a new journey out before us, and we are going to navigate it as best we can. 

Wyatt’s suffered 2 strokes, 1 in his Cerebellum, which controls balance, coordination and speech. Wyatt is in physical and occupational therapy to regain his ability to sit up, stand, walk, talk. All of these things have been affected by this stroke. He will be in inpatient therapy here at the hospital for 2-3 weeks completely focusing on rehabilitation. 

His second stroke was located in his brain stem. There are 3 sections in the brain stem, Wyatt’s stroke was located in 2 of the 3, the Pons and Midbrain. 

The Pons controls our heart, respiration and blood pressure (those are all doing well with Wyatt, GREAT news). Additionally, it contains some motor and sensory pathways which includes the eyes. Wyatt has been struggling to open his eyes. We have been told that with practice (he has to learn how to open them again) and time, that will get better. He has already made so much improvement here he gets them about 1/4 of the way open and when he does he is able to see, another GREAT thing! Corneal reflex (basically flinching) is also here. Wyatt has that reflex in his right eye but not so much his left. 

The Midbrain controls our centre for auditory and visual reflexes and also contains sensory and motor pathways. This includes the ability to move your eyes side to side/all around. Wyatt has some movement in his right eye, but we haven’t seen much in his left YET. This can also improve with time and therapy. 

The hard part about all of this is that it is so uncommon in children. But it CAN and DOES happen. So there needs to be more pediatric stroke awareness spread. Kids don’t usually have a fighting chance because the signs in children are so often missed. In our case for instance, Wyatt’s stroke presented itself as a seizure. This is one way that strokes present themselves in children, so they often get overlooked, or not looked into enough because they just relate it with something else. Lucky enough for us Toledo Hospital has amazingly talented doctors (and nurses!). We were told by Dr. Zaidi (he performed Wyatt’s Thrombectomy), if we had gone to another hospital it most likely would’ve been missed and or the procedure wouldn’t have even been offered to us. This was our only option to save Wyatt’s life, and there was a lot of risk involved because they have to use “grown up” instruments. But it was the only shot we had and I am FOREVER grateful for the doctors who saved Wyatt’s life and for the prayers and angels that helped guide them though it. 

Wyatt was put on a regular diet today with attention to giving him things that are easier for him to eat, but this is a GREAT thing! This means he still had his ability to swallow, which can in some cases be affected/have to be rehabilitated as well. Not Wyatt’s case though! 

So although there are many, many unknowns we are dealing with, one thing is for certain. We have a heck of a fighter on our hands! Wyatt is making progress 1 step at a time, and any forward progress is a step in the right direction and that much closer to being back to his crazy little self! I think that’s what has been so hard about these last few days because we have been to the lowest of lows, we were actually told we might lose Wyatt, to a high like seeing him stand/take steps and eat real food again! When we see great things we expect that means things are going to start moving quicker, but that’s not always the case. Slow and steady is the main thing here and it’s just hard to be patient because we just want to see our old Wyatt again. We will, it’s just going to take a lot of time and prayer. Which I hope everyone will continue to do for us because I believe it has gotten us where we are now. It has truly saved Wyatt’s life. 

We are finally home after 20 long days last Friday and Wyatt has been very happy to be home. I have attached som of the pictures from start to now. The first one is of his brain before he had his thrombectomy and the second is after. The third is a picture of the stroke in his cerebellum and the sixth is a picture of the stroke in his brain stem.


















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My goodness what a wild ride you and your family have been on. Please keep us posted on his progress.  When you get that tank running let us know what we can give him to put in it!  This very thing is why I am part of this club.  Hands down best group of people in the hobby live here!

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It is great to hear that Wyatt is making progress.  I can't imagine what you guys have been through!  I pray for Wyatt to make a full recovery, he sounds like one tough guy!  

I agree with Muttley that this is a great group of people!


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