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310 Gallon Bare bottom SPS Bar and fish room build


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Got a

little more done.  Got the cabinets mounted and leveled.  Got the mini fridge installed.  And cot the last countertop poured with color.  I still have to clear coat the last countertop and install the sink. But it’s getting closer to being time to set up the tank.  Also got more of the FRP mounted to the walls in the fish room.  I only have the one pic of the single piece mounted.  






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23 hours ago, Nanoreef13 said:

This is looking amazing! I’m so jealous!

Thank you! 

got some more work done last night.  I got the FRP up on the wall. And finished the last countertop. I spent a few minutes yesterday cleaning up and finally got the bubble wrap off the tank. I also layed out the dimensions of the tank taped off on the workbench so I can start aquascaping. 





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Finally something fish tank related.  Not a huge update but I made some progress. I but a sheet of 3/4 plywood to fit above the tank and secured it to the studs so I can anchor the lighting wherever I need to and not have to worry about finding a stud.  Also I will be using it to mount the canopy to the ceiling and not have. It resting on the tank at all.  Hope that makes sense  


this was a test fit.  I have pulled it down and now it’s getting painted before going back up. 




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Oh man. Got lots to update here.  Got some rock work all glued and cemented together.  Debating on doing one more piece or just leaving it like it is and leaving space for things to grow. Also got my skimmer in. And let’s just say it’s a monster.  Also was 700$ cheaper than the royal exclusive I was looking at so there’s a bonus. I’m prepping to drill the closed loop as soon as tomorrow. But I’m a bit nervous due to the size of the hole needed for a 2” schedule 80 bulkhead. I’m just nervous about hurting the structural integrity of the bottom of the tank.  I have a call into the person I trust the most to let me know if I’m overthinking it or if I should buy a smaller pump for the closed loop.  Anyway here’s some pics because that’s what we are all here for.  















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Who would have guessed they plywood hood mount would be such a significant expense lol.  I like the rock work like you have it personally. I don’t think you will disappointed in the long term leaving the space.  I get the nervousness on drilling, I had always used a hole diameter away from any seam, but that is a big hole!  Let us know what your source recommended.  Everything looks outstanding!

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i talked to the guy about the size of the blukehead for the 2 in intake and was told not to worry about it. however had a minor change in overall plans. im going to use the abyzz as a return and to drive the skimmer. then im going to use 2 ecotech L2 pumps for the closed loop. that way i can have both pumps on random pulse for generating random flow throughout the tank. i still have to purchase the second closed loop pump and whatever supplemental lighting im going to use. but that is the last of the equipment i have to purchase. 

the aquascape is done (ish) i have it in the tank and i have one or two little arches to make but i needed to clean up the workbench in the basement so i could continue to lay down flooring. i will post pics here in a min. 


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