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Corals Up For Grabs!

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OK fellow reefers. My tank is getting way overgrown, so I need to do some major pruning. I’m willing to give away the following to anybody that wants them. These are free… or I’m willing to take a colorful zoa/paly or stick. The only caveat being, I’ll only give fresh cut frags. I’ve made some mistakes and introduced Anthelia and blue clove polyps into my system. I refuse to infest a fellow reefer’s tank.

So here’s what I have…

Hollywood Stunner, Ice Blue Chalice, Purple Birdsnest, Birds of Paradise Birdsnest, Sour Apple Birdsnest, Green Birdsnest, Tubs Stellata, Bluegreen Paly, Green Slimer Acro, Milka Stylo, GSP, ORA Grube’s Gorgonian, Blue Hawkins, Devil's Hand, Neon Green Candy Cane, Teal Candy Cane, Pink Montipora Digitata, no name pink acro, Raspberry Eye Robokaki.

That’s it folks. Get ‘em while they last!

I’m located in Oregon, won’t ship and won’t drive all over town. You’ll have to come to me. :)










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