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I use super glue gel.
Take the plugs and put in some sort of rack or holder outside of the aquarium. Put a blob of super glue about the size of a pea in the center of the plug.  Let set up for a few minutes.  Then take frag and push into the glue and give a little twist.  Let sit for a couple more minutes.  Then. Put into tank in low flow area for a few more minutes.  Most coral will be ok out of water for a little bit with no issues.  Some reefs have hours of low tide exposure. You just need enough time for a skin to form with the glue.  That how I learned to do it and it works every time. 

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The (pros) use epoxy yes. But, they are also still using super glue.  The epoxy is just to give a wider base for the larger, and or branched frags. More or less it’s a formed around the base upside down frag plug. Then they glue that to a plug or a tile.   I’ve split a few of them apart and that is what I’ve found.  They have all had glue under the epoxy. 

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