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Looking for Advice: Keeping aerosol sanitizer out of School Aquarium

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*climbs out from under his boulder in Columbus*

Hey everyone!  Long time no post!

Let me just start off by saying:  "Yay!  COVID!"  :wacko:  (Not meaning to start a political commentary here.)

As a preface, for those who don't know or forgot, I work at a school in New Albany that has a 300 Gallon saltwater display in our main area.  I'll post pictures of it sometime in the future as I both need to algae scrape it and one of our Radions failed due to a bad gasket (thankfully with five days left in the warranty :D), so the left part of the tank is not lit very well.  It looks REALLY NICE (no opinionated bias here... :rolleyes:), so I definitely want to show it off.  Oh, and on a completely different bragging note, my mom was the winner of LiveAquaria's Week 1 July giveaway for a year's worth of their salt!!  Wooh!

Anywho, onto my issue:  To be open next school year, we will be spraying every surface with some sort of botanical antiseptic (I can get a brand/product name later if anyone cares) to sterilize things.  My concern is of course this getting into the aquarium and messing with fish, corals, microfauna, etc.  Reasonably speaking, I can't move the tank or its inhabitants, so I need to come up with a plan.  My current thoughts include using some kind of "breathable" filter-like material (perhaps even cut furnace filter) to stuff in any air gaps before the nightly spraying (to deal with the bulk of the aerosol cleaner) and increased water change frequency to deal with the little bit of sanitizer that makes its way into the water through air currents.  What are your thoughts?  Is that enough?  Do you have any recommendations on products or ideas?

I'm all ears to whatever anyone has to contribute.  Also, I hope that this post may provide some useful tips for other public-space tanks that people may have or help manage.

Thanks in advance!

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You will likely have to fully tent it the same as if you where doing a home fumigation.  And the fact it’s going to be every day?  I have no clue how could be safely accomplished. I would get in and start getting as many frags as I could to save what Brood lines I could.  I wish that what I’m saying wasn’t such a downer. Because that stuff they are going to be spraying is purposely meant to get into everything. At least by having some of what you have in it will save cost if/when the spray kills it.  Perhaps @Joe has better thoughts. Being the Bug guy he might have some secret wisdom.  

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@galvintjime are you sure it will be an aerosol? A lot of people have gone with ulv  sanitizers. If that’s the case, it will only attach to what it is directed at. If it is aerosol and it is discharged straight into the air, the droplets (assuming they turn the air off) will fall straight down. I would cover with a heavy drop cloth that touches the floor and skimmer off every night. And watch ph closely since your basically depriving the tank of fresh air all night every night. 

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