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Ok so one of my corals seems to be dying at the tips and one the skin peeled right off when I was feeding it. Both of these have been in my tank for approximately a month and a half And both are right next to each other. The one has been growing really well as you can see in the side by side picture. Then a few days ago I noticed that it started loosing color and the tips started to send out these long slime streamers. I can not see anything on the coral as of bugs. The only thing I can think of is I started dosing Fusion 1&2 about a month ago and I also added a bio pellet reactor and added half of the recommended amount of bio pellets. These have both been working for a month with no issues. Below are my parameters.

Ammonia - 0

Nitrate - 5

Nitrite - 0

Phosphate - .03

Salinity - 35

Calcium - 420

Alkalinity- 8.2 ( I have been raising this from 4.8 over the last month very slowly.)

Magnesium - 1440

PH - 8.0 at night and 8.3 during the day

Par 250-260

Temp 76.9-77.6

Lights 2 Radion XR30 Pros - same lights as always and the same schedule since I set the tank up

Pumps 2 MP40s and a MP10 ( See picture for schedule) 

Fish - Ornate leopard wrasse 5 months, 2 cardinals 5 months, Yellow Tang 3 months, rainbow dottyback 2 months, Sailfin tang 2 months, 2 engineer gobys 2 months and 1 month, blue hippo tang 1 month, green spotted mandarin 2 days, six line wrasse 2 days

other tank inhabitants - 2 emerald crabs 3 months, 2 cleaned shrimp 4 months, 40 hermit crabs, 40 snails both from day one, sand sifting starfish 2 months.

All other corals are doing great and growing. In the picture with two in it the right is when I first got it and the left is from a week ago. 








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