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32g biocube

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32g biocube complete setup plug and play system with enough extra equipment and supplies to setup a large tank comes with a ton asking $600 for every thing  ...if you know what the stuff is then you know what it cost but i might forget some stuff but i have the following 
-32g biocube and stand 
-storm light controller 
- full spectrum led (creed leds) 
-jebao pp5 wave maker (a few others as well) 
-nano skimmer 
-jbj auto top off w/ aqualifter pump

- banned shrimp
- clown fish
- serpent star
- hermit crabs 
- snails 
-arizona bubble tip nems 
- long tentacle nem
- pink star polyps 
-green star polyps
- green button polyps
- neon green polyps
- fuzzy mushrooms
- green bounce mushroom 
- no name mushrooms
- random zoas
-xxl devils hand (16+ inches) 
- 15-20 heads of frammer coral
-6 heads of neon green acans
- purple chip coral
-extra frozen food 
- supplements
- coral food 
- complete testing kit
- salt 
- carbon 
- chemicals 
Extra stuff 
- eshop sumps x2 
-eshop overflow box
- pvc pipe 
- larger skimmer 75g 
- 36" 4bulb t5 light w/ built in timmer 
- quarantine tank kit (for a10g setup)
There's way too much that im just throwing in you just have to bring boxes to put it in but if you need more pictures just ask located in Perrysburg by owens collage 






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