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From Bleached To Not So Crimson

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Well a new northern KY store has spurred my interest again in the hobby. It was a wild and crazy ride there for a minute. From a definite high to an all time low, for sure. Well my tank is not to its former glory, but it is still kicking. I lost a ton of SPS, but most everything else seems to be fairing well. I guess thats what happens when you take your tank to 89*, and then drop all your lights in the tank. Shockingly refreshing! 

Anyways, for those of you local to the Cincy area or just up for a drive, there is a new store in northern Kentucky call Reef Life Aquatics. A local hobbyist ended up opening a shop, and it is super clean. If you havent checked it out all ready, it is worth the visit. Prices are reasonable on fish, and coral selection is small right now, but growing. Here are a couple of pics from when I stopped in the other day. 

Hope everyone is well, and enjoying the COVID summer!


2528 Hazelwood Dr, Crescent Springs, KY 41017

11-7 All Week











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On 8/6/2020 at 8:08 PM, Fishoutofwater said:

Doesn’t look to bad to me.  I can’t get much growth, just plug encrusting for some.  Starting to get aggravated.  Still have some things to get hooked up. But not going to hook them up unless can get some action.  

No it is starting to bounce back. I had been much more full, so it seems bare to me. Hopefully things will start kicking for you soon! 

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7 hours ago, jeff70 said:

hey there if you want a frag of anything I've got its yours   ill post a picture later   all the coral I have from you are doing awesome, the sps fight off zoes, tusks crabs, and even sinularia!!  you grow them tough!

Thanks Jeff! I am gonna hold tight for a while. I am seeing an upgrade in my future... Cough.. Cough... 300+ gallons. 

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