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Plenty of zoas and a few SPS for sale. I have 5-20 frags available of each so price will depend on size. Examples listed and shown below. Located in Lima for pickup.

$20 for the amount of polyps listed below. If I run out of what’s below you’ll get 2 frags to add up to at least the amount listed below. 6 frags for $100 


UC hot shots 5+

utter chaos 5+

Pink diamond  5+

emerald on fire 10+ 

bam bam   10+ (or a 3x3” tile for $50)

purple monster 5+

miami vice 5+

sunny d’s 6+

coronas 3+

rainbow incinerator 5+

gold dust 5+

halle berry 3+

fruit loops 5+

Green slimmer acro

ORA green digi

GWC apple berry stellata

Red digi







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Still open to offers. I need to thin these out before my new racks come. Also selling grow out tiles. I let a few go last week for $40 that were covered. 

listings posted on reef trader for the CORA show with more pictures 

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6 minutes ago, Mussin said:

I'm interested once my tank is done looking like crap. Lol

I’ll have plenty left. I have to do some fragging tomorrow since things are getting out of control. I’m hoping to have my new racks by next weekend 

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