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4 minutes ago, jeffyhound said:

i do have both waving hand and pulsing xenia down there. waving hand i can let you have. the xenia i try to get 10 bucks for.


Dude that would be awesome and I will gladly pay you. Hoping to get a decent sized chunk for my EVO. Maybe I could get some of both? I would love it if it would just take off in my tank. I think Xenia is so cool!  I can meet you up in Columbus any day except for Wednesday. (I usually meet folks from Columbus at El Dorado casino cause its easy. Whatever works best for you tho.

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Hi Jeff! Welcome to the forum. We are a friendly based team of reefers. The amount of knowledge here is remarkable. Everyone will do there best to ever help you with questions, tricks, DIY secrets. Please feel free to start a build thread we love seeing new tanks around here and the profession of them as time moves forward. Feel free to check out the ember tanks to see ideas how to do thing on yours!!! Welcome to Buckeye Reef 

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3 minutes ago, jeffyhound said:

I love Xenia. I couldn’t keep it for years, and all of a sudden it started growing for me. I read an article where places use it for phosphate control. I just love it because of the pulsing. 

I have to say. I’m the complete opposite. I consider it to be a nuisance coral. They get out of control and grow on anything!!! Lol

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