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New Butterflies

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Just added these 3 from their acclimation box tonight. The fourth, the Auriga is not doing well and is in a qt tank probably dead before morning. It came in very small and no meat on it and never really ate well. The others have eaten well so one goes in its own tank and the others get to get put in their place by the other butterflies. The pecking order is being established as I type with the pearlscale, the low guy on the totem pole, chasing the little dot dash making sure it knows it’s its boss now.  Adding all 3 at the same time should spread the aggression out a bit. Within a couple days everyone will know their place and the tank should normalize. Butterflies love to hunt and pick all day and that keeps them busy enough to keep fighting to a minimum. I will feed this tank heavier then normal for a while too to help make site the little guys get enough to fatten up some.  My hope is to add just one or two more to the herd and then call it quits. The new tank should give them plenty of room once it’s here.



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