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This hobby has me feeling so defeated. Ive been reefing for a good 15 years on and off and never really had issues till now. My main tank contracted I believe Ich so my poor fish are living out 3 months in a 20 gallon quarantine, theyve gotten their two weeks of copper and have no signs of issues. My main display has been fishless and shortly after removing the fish my 2nd cleaner shrimp just died. The tank is also having another terrible cyano bloom even though I treated with red slime away a month ago.

My 20 gallon nuvo "frag" tank had also had a cyano bloom and I cant seem to keep clowns in it. First pair died of I believe broklynella and tank sat fishless for 6 weeks, added two more clowns and one died in a week but the 2nd fella was doing great. Till friday when he was hiding under my frogspawn, the next morning he was dead. My son cried all the way to school, his favorite fish are the clowns he picked out and he Loved the cleaner shrimp. Hes cried every time, havnt had the heart to tell him his "shrimpy" died.

To finish it out Ive tried fragging this time around and has been going great as far as no losses and lots of growth but as for selling them its been a nightmare. For every 10 people who want them and spend days messaging me only one shows, and my last one the guy complained what I gave him wasnt what I pictured. I said in my description pictures were the colonies and youd receive a frag of 4-8 heads. Guy paid $50 for 3 and I was nice and actually gave one of the full frags I pictured with 10 heads and included a 4th of bam bams free, he complained. 

Sorry for the rant but Im feeling at this time to sell off my 20 nuvo setup and sell off all my extra corals and just keep my reefer. Feel like nothing is going my way.

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It will be ok, I’ve been having issues lately as well. I did a big booboo and dosed the wrong stuff and killed 3/4 or more of my sps. Just have to push through the lows. it will get better. 
You will have that with a lot of people unfortunately. People are under the impression that if they complain they will make you feel bad and they will get something or everything for free. 

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