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10/13/2020 Marine Spot Check Results
From: sales@saltwateraquarium.com
To: Dnp8113@bex.net
Date: 10/13/2020 6:34:47 AM

8 Key Test Parameter/Range:


Alkalinity - 150 ppm
Ammonia NH3 - 0.0 ppm
Calcium - 411 ppm
Magnesium - 969 ppm
Nitrate NO3 - 1 ppm
Nitrite NO2 - 0.0 ppm
pH - 8.0 pH
Phosphate PO4 - 0.1 ppm

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Those numbers are very good with the exception of magnesium which should be approximately 3 times calcium.  I wouldn’t go chasing numbers but if you are supplementing calcium and alk to maintain those two you may want to add magnesium (and possibly trace elements) to the list

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