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Check My Numbers?

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Dont know if many are still around but after getting an apex I started checking other numbers too. I have some issues I think

Ph fluctuates between 7.85 and 8.13

Calcium is a little low at 415

Alk is real low at 6.1 dKH

Any suggestions? Ive started putting kalk in my ato. Also have bionic 2 part Im thinking of dosing, would love some imput

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Ph will fluctuate through the day. Your numbers aren’t to bad. Don’t pull your hair out chasing it. Raising your alkalinity will make it go up as well.  So raise that to where you want and see how it looks. Raise your alk up slowly over at least a week. Most with refugium will run them opposite time to help with the fluctuation. 

calcium is fine.  can add some if you want. 
if you are gonna start 2 part you need to figure out what your using/day if you don’t know how to do that check out BRS videos on it. 

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