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DIY Acrylic


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When Neptune doesn’t make a 3 chamber dosing container... you make your own. I’ll be using 2 of these to dosing Red Sea ABCD trace elements, no pox, and acro power. 

Acrylic sheets laser cut and bonded together. Each cylinder holds just over 850mL 

A trident waste container will be coming together next week. 




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8 hours ago, crimsonvice said:

Man I have never thought about doing that. That's really gonna come in handy. 

Plenty of options with the amount of acrylic we use in the hobby. 

I can make this style or any other within reason if anyone is interested. Currently I have gray with orange and white with red or blue

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15 minutes ago, crimsonvice said:

Man your killing it! I am in need of price markers. COVID killed swap season... and my tank... so I will definitely pick some up from you. If we do a meeting or something at some point, ill grab some frags and some markers too. I have my eyes set on some of your collection! :D

Just hit me up with anything you need. I’m always up for the challenge for anything different to make. 

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19 minutes ago, Waffen06 said:

Are you only able to do the cylinders? Just wondering I've also been looking for a new ato, tired of using a plastic jug lol

As of now yes. Bonding acrylic sheets is another ballgame of perfection. I can do smaller sheet projects that don’t require a perfect bond. (Photo boxes, acclimation boxes, etc) 

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29 minutes ago, Joe said:

This is awesome. Some amazing work. I’m very interested in info on the laser cutter you are using. And if it can be used on other material other than acrylic. 

Cheap Chinese laser.  I already have a larger one in order. I outgrew this one pretty quickly. I can cut up to 1/2” thick acrylic pretty easy with this one but the size area is limited. I have cut a few things from wood but nothing crazy. 

I started cutting a couple dozen inserts for the frag cups I buy.  I pick these cups up on Amazon for pretty cheap. If you catch a sale you can grab them for as little as $1.20 each. 



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I do have some projects I’m working on this week I’ll share once completed. One is a custom c02 scrubber. Coming together very nicely and will have a twist lock lid on the top.  I’m more than willing to do some custom pieces. I’m doing a very large order of pink price flags for a store in New York that should stand out in their tanks. 

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