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1 hour ago, Fishoutofwater said:

Your killing me. It’s got me shopping for a laser cutter. Lol. I’ve been tossing around for awhile getting a 3D printer or a cnc router/laser. 

It’s worth it for sure. But get one larger than what you think you need. I’m waiting an order for a larger one now. 

Ill have some neat projects wrapped up this weekend. Went all out with a custom CO2 scrubber. New lid design with locking lids will be integrated into the designs.  

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Scrubber is in action. This design was worked out over the last 2 weeks with someone interested in one to match their sump. I’m doing a quick week test before the shipment if there’s so I’ll be able to track pH movement. The John guest fittings are oversized at 1/2” to run with a 3/8” or 1/2” line. My skimmer would struggle to pull the air through 2 BRS reactors and but right away it went back to running at optimal air flow with just a 3/8” line. 

This is set up recirculating with a 1/4” shut off valve which will control fresh air flow into the skimmer intake. Keeps pH between 8.2-8.4 

laser cut gasket and acetal John guest fittings ensure an air tight seal in the reactor. 


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Been far behind with getting things done but a weekend off finally let me make some progress on the dozen things I have going right now  

Project in the works. Magnetic auto feeder mount. A clear acrylic chimney will be attached to the inside magnet.




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