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Armageddon Tenuis


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The Bali Aquarium Armageddon Tenuis is just mind blowing!


For quite a few years now, the ‘Homewrecker’ Acropora tenuis has been high on the wish list of many reefers. We thought it will be difficult to beat that one, and take years before we would see any other tenuis better than that one. We were wrong, as Bali Aquarium just scored a crafted Acropora tenuis, that is just out of this world!


Some branches of the Armageddon tenuis are just half neon yellow, and half red with a pinch of green. Mind blowing!

Grafted corals are extremely rare and figure among the most sought after SPS on the reef scene. A lot of Montipora come grafted, with the GFP-infected Montipora digitata, being the latest coral strain to show up. But grafted Acropora, even though they belong to the same family as Montipora are a lot more difficult to source. Some grafted Acropora millepora have been showing up recently but they are very rare.


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