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Hawaii Ban -Whats the price of a Yellow Tang in your area now?

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33 minutes ago, crimsonvice said:

That is so dumb. Hawaii and Indo go through these bans, and for the most part it is all political. It will eventually turn, but it definitely stinks in the mean time.

True. I’m going to wait until they come up some more then cash in. Lol. I’ll sell my yellow tang for $799.99. 

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Someone on the Ohio reef group went around to every store and is trying to resell them now for over $300.. that is wrong in my opinion but understand its perfectly fine to do it. Guess Ill throw mine up for sale when the markets runs low. Pretty fish but Ill take the money for what I bought it for. I normally stick to $50 fish or less so if they die it doesn't hurt as bad lol

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