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Tank Breakdown. Eel, tangs, clown, anthias and others

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Hey guys, it's that time... We've got some major house projects coming up that necessitate breaking the tank down unfortunately. I'm going to start with the livestock first and then there will likely be a bunch of hardware for sale soon after. All of my fish went through the tank transfer QT process and I've been disease free the whole time (18months). I'm in the Toledo area.

Starting off...

Zebra Moray Eel - $150
This guy is HUGE. Easily 28+". He needs to go somewhere bigger than what he's in now (6ft, 120gal) as he seems to have outgrown this tank.

Orchid Dottyback - $25 - Around 3" - Beautiful purple color

(Sold) Pair of ORA Gladiator Clowns - $75/pair - About 2.5"

Trio of Lyretail Anthias - $75/trio - 1 male and 2 females - Around 2-3" - These are the Indian ocean variant 

(Sold) Kaudern's (Bangaii) Cardinalfish- $20 - Around 1.5-2"

(Sold) Trio of Black Cardinalfish - $30/trio - Around 2" - These offer a nice change of "color"

(Sold) Purple Firefish - $25 - About 3.5"

(Sold) 2-5 Green Reef Chromis - $5 each, not too sure how many I have. They are almost 2" big though

(Sold) Yellow Wrasse 

(Sold) Yellow Tang 

(Sold) Yellow Eye Cole Tang




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There are lots of different Anthias. I guess I just assumed you were talking about the lyretail ones earlier, for those the males are a dark red color and the females are bright orange.


If you don’t already have a lyretail, I’m not sure how they’d all get alone

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Females can turn male pretty quick, then its on regardless.  Anthia are a lot like chromis.  Their social structure isn't real good for tank life.  Constantly establishing dominance on each other.  Keep several so it can be evenly spread is your best bet.  Only 1 male, and be prepared to lose him when the big girl's britches get big enough to challenge/surplant him.  

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