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ORA Grube’s Gorgonian

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I have a big ORA Grube’s Gorgonian that needs to be cut back. I plan to remove about 90% of this thing. If anybody wants a large gorgonian, this may be it. Looking to get $100. I put the tape measure up so you can get a feeling of the size. It won't be mounted.



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Hey… Thank you both. I had this system on cruise control for over three years with fantastic growth. Decided to upgrade from cheap black box lighting to some mid-level lighting and things started to die. Thought it was the light but turned out to be sky-high alkalinity. Lost most of my sps, but my euphyllia and all lps are thriving. Go figure. This hobby can be so frustrating at times, but I love it!! LOL

Anyways, I still need to chop that gorgonian. If anybody wants to toss me an offer, I will probably take it.

Thanks again!

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