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Tank Breakdown

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Between having no time and buying a new truck Ive decided to try to part out my tank. Starting with livestock only till its gone. No idea what stuff is going for in these crazy times so shoot me offers.

Yellow tang

Coral Beauty 

Pair of snowflake clowns

Starry Blenny

4 rock flower nems (2 large 2 smaller)


Bubble tips (1 large 2 small)

Rock covered in zoas/mushrooms

Grape coral

Torch (3 heads believe two of those are splitting)

Hammer (at least 9 head with some splitting)

Anything else you see in the pictures just ask, will sell the rock after the fish/corals. Excuse the cyano Im still battling










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Sorry finally made a full list, open to bundles and offers

Pair of Snowflake Clows $90

Yellow Tang $160

Coral Beauty $45

Torch $150

Hammer $15 per head

GSP $25

Zoa Rock (120+ heads + orange mushrooms) $200

Candy Cane $35

Monti $30 ea

Frogspawn $40

Grape $35

Orange Mushroom Rock $50

Pocillopora $35

Random Zoa Frags $15+

Bubble Tips $25-35 ea

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