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Bulk Reef Supply Acquires Marine Depot


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To me that is a bunch of BS...Not to be confused with Bulk Supply. 

They have pushed and pushed Neptune for years. Encouraged everyone to buy it, and now they own the whole market. How will this effect other retailers like Saltwater aquarium.com? They carry Neptune products, but I bet there will be better incentives to buy direct from BRS now. Maybe nothing will change, but sounds bad to me.

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I can see many of the other supply companies ditching Neptune for hydros maybe GHL if they don’t carry them now.  Why would you sell something to help your competitor?

23 hours ago, Muttley000 said:

As an apex fanboy, I doubt they could hurt the company more than they damaged themselves in the last few years!

They are hurting their own credibility with this for sure. A ton of people live by the BRS videos for info and testing.  How can you believe they are not bias with anything? Honestly they have been somewhat bias from the get go but this just puts it over that cliff. Neptune has been living on their marketing alone for awhile now. 

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