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Travis's 75g


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First off I want to apologize for how long this has taken haha, I've been promising to start the build thread since i started the tank in December. 

I purchased the tank, stand, sump, sand, 3kgrye, skimmer, and heater as bundle from someone who never got setup. Sand, heater, gyre were all brand new.

After i put everything together i realized the skimmer and sump wouldn't work together so i found a trigger systems sapphire 26 sump and 10g ato, i upgraded to along with purchasing a syncra SDC 6.0 return pump.

For lighting i found a set of 3 AI hydra 26 HDs, 2 work great and are over the tank now. the third one is for the frag tank and needs a new power supply cord but works other than that.

I used Dr. Tims to cycle the tank, and added the first fish in February a bangii cardinal i purchased from Lori at Aqua Culture in Toledo.

In April I moved my blue hippo tang, yellow watchman goby, and pair of bullet hole clownfish from the holding tank to the display tank.

Sadly I lost most of my coral during the tank transfers, however my tank is pretty full now. An old friend of mine was getting out of the hobby and i purchased most of contents of his tanks in May.

ill upload some photos of the tank from my phone in a few minutes and ill try and get a current picture of the tank after i clean the glass today or tomorrow. 

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Sold the big chalice and added a few new pieces. And my toadstool is fragging itself!


The scoly showing skeleton I got for free to try and save and it's doing great!

The green I got for 25 was showing a little skeleton, doing great!

The orange and the mini I traded for and are both doing great!





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Tank is doing pretty good! A few slight ups and downs. I lost the small green brain, my pistol shrimp dropped my space invader pectina on it. However the larger brain and  rescue scoly are doing better, we'll the scoly is doing phenomenal. I also added another nice brain to the tank, but my damn tangs were picking at it. Now it's only slightly because I have a gourmet nori feeder to keep them distracted. Added some zoas, frogspawn, a new hammer. Super excited to have been able to acquire a WWC OG bounce mushroom and a walt disney frag. I also made way too many frags so if anyone is interested hit me up haha  here's what I have fragged, I have others just not ready.


Oh and not to mention I may have 2 different types of unknown bounce mushrooms I'm just waiting to see if the bubbles keep growing or go away. Fingers crossed haha 


The list

Purple and green hammer-
Purple and green Candycane-
Green Monti frags and colony-
Mycedium Elephantotus chalice-
Blue spotted mushrooms-
ORA Grubes Gorgonian-
Neon green toadstool-
Hollywood stunner-
Ice blue chalice-
Mint green zoas-
Radioactive dragon eye zoas-
Armor of God's zoa-
Iced Armageddon zoa-
Mohawk zoa-
Utter Choas zoa-
Stargazer zoa-
Valentines day Massacre zoa-
Rastas zoa-
Eagle eye zoa-
Pandoras zoa-
Blondies zoa-

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