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Aquarium Artwork


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I was flying through Austin, TX and as I was waiting to board the plane I look over and see this fine piece of digital reef tank artwork.



It kills me to see this being displayed and advertised as a beautiful aquarium piece. The first thing I notice is the aptasia infestation! I mean I have aptasia, but this tank has more aptasia than coral! Anyway... If someone paid for this, maybe I can start a business selling aquarium photography too!

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Throw a Nemo, Dory, and a Seahorse in there and your golden! LOL

I think the same thing when I go and visit aquariums like Newport. Most of the Reef displays are just plain ugly. The beginner reef keeper can have a more beautiful reef tank than what I see in the large aquariums. People pay $40+ a head to get in and see a green mushroom covered rock and two clown fish swimming around a nem. I guess they are more there to see the sharks and rays, but still the public education on living reefs is just not there. 

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