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Holidays stores, an (thoughts) an (Questions)


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As it gets around the holidays months the aquatic industry has their black Fridays sales an deals, I've however noticed the irony of that within itself, first off I was shopping In a ohio based store that I like to go to, as the owner, an workers always strive for the best, even if it is a little on the spendy side it's worth it for the most part.

I kept hearing customers an staff mention how the hobby has gone from being enjoyed, to being a money business an people trying to charge anything they want, an how it has changed over the years. The more I thought about it the more I have to agree. Which brings me to my point I have gone to multiple stores with in the state where im always on the search for new items, or the unusual an even to just get out of the house, at multiple stores I've noticed items that just never seem to sell an ill ask the same person there how much the coral is. Always insane prices an the price always change, on place a coral went from. 70.00 the 2 weeks after 75.00 2 weeks later 95.00 a month later 110.00 for the same peice an asking the same people.

If it isn't selling why raise the price especially when I can go online to most cor places an buy it retail for 25.00, or these black Fridays, when they raise the price of a coral from 100.00 to 350.00 then say they are giving you 20 percent off, as if that's a deal, then after the holidays have passed its back to the original price.

An here lately I've noticed more garage stores popping up an selling corals higher than what most over priced stores are, or even these businesses saying they are selling wholesale yet a small frag of green or purple basic Montipora is 80.00. 

In my opion I figure that as what used to be a hobby seems to be leaning more towards financial gains than enjoyment.

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