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Hi All, I am going to sell my Apex unit, going to list it as a lot and try the easy way first!

5 auto feeders 

2 wav pumps

2 Dos pumps


1 pm2 with salinity probe that has been kept wet

4 eb832

1 ATO system

I head unit with all 4 probes but they have not been kept wet and are questionable

Asking $1500 for the whole lot!  Located in 43570 and am able to meet within a reasonable distance. 

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Love it, but lost the system in a basement flood this summer.  To be clear none of this stuff was wet, flood water went over my sump and I only didn’t lose the tanks whose external pump shorted out instead of pumping muddy water in the system. I won’t be rebuilding until a large home improvement project gets done that the way things are going could span 2 or 3 years.  Not sure what I will use at that time, but no reason for this stuff to just be setting that long getting old!

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That sucks, ive had enough catastrophes lately i can relate! In the last month ive had a tank that was just ready to add livestock and decides to leak, and then another plugged up both overflows together causing and overflow and tripping the gfci

If you decide to split things up i would be interested in a price for 2 of the eb 832's 1 of mine crapped out completely, and the other is starting to act up

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