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Freshwater White Cloudy water

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My tank is out to get me I swear. For the past three or four months the water has been super cloudy/white. I have done regular 20% water changes every couple weeks. I even did a 100% change a month ago and the next day it looked the same. Ive changed all my filter media, no dice. I have 1 fish left. The other 3 fish have disappeared.  I’m using tap water and api conditioner. My little 5g tank is the same setup but with no fish. It too will get a little cloudy but not nearly as bad as this one. I barely feed the poor fish so i know im not slamming it with nutrients. Matter of fact, since it has done this, i have not had to clean the glass of algea. It aint growin..


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I'm still at it! haha. I have found that adding Fluval Quick clear will clear it up in a matter of hours.  I have switched over just recently to using 50 micron filter pads. and that seems to delay the issue.  So, I am trying to figure out why adding the Fluval product will make it crystal clear for a day or two. From what I understand it just makes small particles clump together. Do I need an even finer filter media? I am going to try 5 of these 50micron pads on top of eachother but I am NOT quitting! Wanted to add, that after adding the tank clears from the Fluval product, it leaves the filter foam pretty green in tint. The cloudiness is white, not green, but filter turns green.



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