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Zebra Eel, Bubble tip anenome, grande palys, blue ridge coral

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So I am breaking down my tank for an upcoming move and need to offload the livestock. I will get pics up in a bit. As a heads up, the tank is loaded with aptasia so all corals will need QT before placing in your tank. If your new to the hobby please pass on this offer.

Zebra eel approx 3 ft long $100

Bubble tip anenome - similar to the sunburst but can't recall the name. all 4) $100

Green and White grande palys, at least 50 to 60 polyps $100

Blue ridge coral - $40

Cinnamon grande palys $40

For those of you that remember me, I appreciate all the conversation, trades, buying, selling and wisdom you have shared with me over the years. I went through a state of deep depression, a stressful acquisition of my workplace, and with all of the traveling I was doing my tank suffered some routine maintenance that lead to a clogged Alk doser. The tank suffered catastrophic loss of corals. With over 10k of losses in corals and fish followed by moving to a different house only the above made it through. I hope to someday return to the hobby but for now life has led me in a different direction.

Happy reefing to all.

PS, the 400 gallon tank is currently in negotiation. Asking 1,000 for it the basic stand and the 125 sump. If you or someone you is looking for one send me a message.


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