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Shutting it down. EVERYTHING must go!

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Hey All - After 35+ years, I've come to the decision that it is time to tear it all down.

I have a complete 120g reef tank as well as a 60g (4x2x12") frag setup and all that goes along with that.


Here's a (mostly) complete list if what I have.  I will take the first reasonable offer on anything listed.  Text me at 614-2327-6996 if interested.  As things sell I will remove them from the list.


Aquarium Stuff

120g marineland tank with glassholes 1500gph overflow

Custom Stand – Cherry 4’x 2’ footprint

60g marineland tank with 750gph overflow 4’ x 2’ x 12”

Radion GR30 Pro x 2

AI Sol Blue x 2

Kessil A360 x 2

50g Rubbermaid sump

40g glass sump

Eheim 1262

Mag 18 x 2

Maxspect Gyre 250 x 2

Koralia 1500gph powerhead x 2

Koralia 850gph x 2

Submersible heaters – 150 – 300W x 4

Dosing pumps x 4

Bubble Magus curve 5 skimmer

Reef Octopus 150SSS skimmer



Male Blue Star Leopard wrasse

Mated Pair clownfish

Sailfin blennie

Female anthias

African Flameback angel

Pincushion Urchin

Rock boring urchin

Red Rock flower anemone

Green hairy mushrooms

6” Maxima clam

Candycane coral - ~25 heads

Elegance coral - large

Live rock - some has been wet since 1988!

Dry Rock - probably #200?




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