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Emergency RO / DI water


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Not sure if this is really a classified, but thought it might be a good idea to start an emergency Rodi water thread in case someone is in need and in a tight spot.

So to start I'm be between st marys and Wapakoneta ... about exit 111 off I-75

Shoot me a pm if you need some, I usually keep about 30-40 gallons on hand and also have 6-5 gallon water jugs. Or I can always lend out my 35g ... if you can life it :)

Also my mom works at a lab, and they keep hundreds of gallons on hand if the shit really hits the fan.

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Here in Findlay there are a couple places to purchase RO that I have used. I stopped using the machine at Flag City Water on Bright Road when I had a hair algae issue and their TDS tested in the 50s or 60s, it was a good reason to purchase my own RO/DI and not transport 25 gallons at a time like I had for years! Keep in mind that was a few years ago their maintenance may be better now... When I set up my 210, I used the machine at the car wash (Otter Wash) on CR 99 across from Findlay Ford. I needed more than I could make at the time, and it tested at 0ppm.

Short of that my ATO always has about 30 or 35 gallons available.

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Just now, Cridersvillian said:

I'm in Cridersville am new to this just started my 28gal nano prof. Had to go to cullingan for my water. Cycling it now....fingers crossed. You know of anywhere else besides cullingan? 

They sell RO/DI? In my opinion I would save for a RODI system. You will be happy you did. 

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