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New Pro-tein Clean Skimmer

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Tell him to donate two of them to the club. I'll review one and we will give both away. In return he can have sponsor benefits for a year.

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That looks really cool. Now all I need is a tank with a sump LOL. On a side note; I'm pretty sure the girl in the video is wearing the "Puffy Shirt" from Seinfeld :lol:

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Here was his response.

"Hello Tyler,

Sounds like you have a 3 chamber sump tank having 2 internal walls maintaining 10 inches in a chamber for a skimmer and a smaller one for the sump pump am I correct? The sumps sold on the market I know have 7 -10 inch water level chambers. My concern with those would be during a power outage does the water overflow the sump tank and flood water on the floor? Anyway lowering the skimmer chamber water level won't hurt anything.


I talk to people that are building custom sumps and explain to them you need to size the sump large enough with the water level low enough to accommodate all the water gravity fed into the sump during a power outage so not to flood water on the floor.

I designed my skimmer to accommodate lower water levels for that reason.


5 inches is maximum water depth to function properly after break-in period.


You have two choices.

1. Make a platform in your sump 5 inches tall.

2. Cut 5 inches down part of the divider between the skimmer chamber & pump chamber to lower the water level to 5 inches.

3. A combination of the two like a 3 inch platform and remove 2 inches of the divider.


Sump tank water levels are better lower because of surprise power outages but I'm sure you already know this.


During the break in period approx. 4 1/2 inches will be your max water level, then approx. 5 inches.  

Hopefully you have room for a platform.

The skimmer is 25 inches tall.

Please feel free to ask any other questions you have.



Allan Vassallo

Inventor/ owner

Pro-tein Clean LLC




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