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Buckeye Reef Expo v2.0 set 03/11/2017

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For those that had trouble finding the expo this year you will be happy to hear we got a new location. Buckeye Reef Expo v2.0 will be held in Perrysburg at the Holiday Inn French Quarters Expo Center. This is a perfect location as it is located right off i75, and the turnpike. 


We are still a very long ways away but preplanning has begun. This will be billed as more of a reefapoloza type event with live entertainment and maybe a bit of partying the night before. Rooms $107 a night.

I would love to come up with our own name for the expo if anyone has any ideas. 

Here are a few photos I snapped. 

ATM on site for those with no self control. 


Layout of expo center


Four of these rooms open up into one big room of 13,500 SQ FT. 


A look from outside. 


This hallway runs the length of the room. Booths can be setup out here if needed as well. 


I didn't take any photos but there is a theater room that will be utilized for speakers as well. 

I'm really excited about this a feel it will take our event to the next level in only its second year. 

Mark your calanders. 

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This is going to happen abs be bigger than ever. It is currently being worked on and the venue has been booked for months. 

Ran into Paul today from West Mariculture and he is fired up. He talked about possibly getting two booths. 

I'll contact Jay Hemdal and see if he is interested, I have corresponded with him in the past

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1 hour ago, crimsonvice said:

So with it being 3 hours away from me, what is the easiest way to keep things alive overnight??? 5 gallon bucket with powerhead and heater type thing?

Yes this would work for coral. Unless you planned on staying Saturday night too you wouldn't need to keep them over night.

1 hour ago, Caribbean Chris said:

As I told you before, this is an awesome move (and upgrade) for the expo! I may have to come back for this one...

(Plus, who doesn't love an indoor/outdoor pool!)

We would love for you to come back for the expo. The pool is amazing!

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Awesome news! The only midwest "big" show is Aquatic Experience in Chicago in November, but that's not a reef/marine specific event. The closest to a big show in the Spring is Lansing an LEAR. Could we build it into a ReefAPalooza event? Dunno, but a hell of an idea! As a club, we need to consider getting booths at all upcoming frag shows just to market the event. It's not absolutely necessary, but it sure as hell would help vendors take us seriously, and create buzz amongst the reef community.

Any idea on how many vendors the facility will hold? Max number of people in the hall (fire code)?

What about

MACO: Marine Aquarium Conference of Ohio
MAC: Midwest Aquarium Conference
MC² : Midwest Coral Conference
Marine Mania


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This going to be so cool.

By the way did we ever get a chance to talk about the lessons learned from the expo? I think it would be great if we could have a thread where we could throw in our thoughts in a neutral manner. For example, putting out specific directions far in advance of the event with maps, etc.

What do the powers to be think? I talked to a number of people who had some really good ideals on ways to possibly improve on things. I know it would also be cool if at certain intervals we could dim the room lights so that the vendors blue lights could make their corals pop. Think "Cosmic midnight bowling". It could make things different and unique.  

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On February 28, 2016 at 6:59 PM, Muttley000 said:

I really like reefcon!

BRMAC. Buckeye Reef Marine Aquarium Conference?

That's not bad. 

On February 29, 2016 at 8:41 PM, Muttley000 said:

If we are bringing in a speaker may I suggest Bob Fenner??

Your in love with that dude. Lol

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Stopped out at the French Quarters and took a few more photos. Next year is going to be pretty awesome. 

Indoor outdoor pool #1. This is the adult 19+ pool. 




Pool #2 and kids holidome area. 






Outdoor pool #3


game room. 


Coy pond. 


Amphitheater where we will hold our speakers. 


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