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LRS goes to Singapore, Jakarta, Malaysia, etc!


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I thought this was a cool breakthrough for our family business so I wanted to share. We have been really busy the past few weeks as we continue to add staff and expand into new markets. (Who says this hobby gets slow in the Summer!) Everyone's fish have to eat and we are pleased that our foods are now being exported to countries like Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia and Thailand. Just to put it in perspective the DHL freight on a 200 pack order of LRS to Asia is about $400, not including the import tariffs. There IS a reason folks are willing to incur those costs to get the "Carolina Goodness" delivered around the world. Our track record with finicky eaters and producing superior results in aquaculture captive breeding efforts is getting noticed. 

I'll admit it is pretty humbling to see our foods sold at such faraway places as shown on our map.
The searchable map is here: http://www.larrysreefservices.com/where-to-buy-lrs.html
In this video LRS is being fed to captive bred G. personatus angels at "The Cube" reef exhibit in Korea. When all is said and done this facility will have over 1 million dollars worth of exotic marine animals and LRS is the preferred frozen food.
LRS is quickly gaining a reputation in the industry as the "top shelf" food for hobbyists, aquaculture facilities and public aquaria. We are thankful to all our fans who have followed along as we have grown from our kitchen table to an internationally recognized brand. There are more videos from around the globe on our website "Media Gallery" page. Thanks for the support from all our fans on Buckeye Reef. 
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15 minutes ago, Muttley000 said:

Congratulations. It's not uncommon now for smaller companies to go international to Canada and Mexico, but to get your product in these markets is a feat!  Well done!

Thank you. Believe it or not Canada is harder to get into than Asia. Due to the risk of contamination to waterways and invasive species introduction Canada screens imported foods very thoroughly. LRS is able to document our ingredients chain of custody to satisfy the inspectors which is why we are the only "blended" food permitted to be sold in Canada.

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