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Bonsai Reef Magnetics at Changing Tide Aquatics

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Changing Tide is gracious enough to do a field test on some new Bonsai Reef magnetic frag racks. There are four on display right now. If you get a chance, please stop in and take a look. I would like some feedback and/or suggestions. They will be on display (not for sale) for at least the next week. If you're interested in one of them, let them know and you'll be on the list.

Thanks for any feedback. Who knows, maybe it'll motivate me to provide a donation of a Bonsai Reef magnetic for the next meeting. ;)





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Muttley000, sorta. I have a ballpark, but not nailed down. Since these are the first ones, I spent quite a bit of time getting the process right. For example:

1. The inside part is epoxy. It has a thin silicone layer against the glass to protect the glass/acrylic and to make it stick better. I found that the biggest challenge with magnetics is to keep it from sliding down. The silicone helps keep it in place.

2. The outside part has a layer of teflon tape to make it easier to move the magnet on/off, as well as protect the glass/acrylic from scratching.

As with everything I do, I add some engineering to the process to "fix" issues that I see. I'll be making more over the next week using these processes. I should have a better handle on the time it takes, which will help with pricing.

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