Buckeye Reef 2020 Expo Postponed

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Expo Raffle 03/11/2017

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To donate to the Buckeye Reef 2017 Raffle Please mail your donations to.

Buckeye Reef
16600 Tyler Rd.
Bowling Green, OH 43402

I encourage all members to send this post to all your favorite vendors to help this great cause.


This years raffle proceeds at the 2017 Expo (March 11, 2017) will be 100% donated to non-profit Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium.

My wife and I visited their facility in Florida last summer and were blown away at the work they're doing. They have marine hospitals, education programs, sea turtle conservation, and coral restoration. We saw their volunteers out on the beach monitoring sea turtle nests bright and early in the mornings.

I encourage everyone to visit the Mote Marine website and see what they're all about. What they're doing is what Buckeye Reef is all about. I couldn't be happier to be part of their great cause.

Places I have confirmed:

Dr. Tims,
Reed Mariculture,
Cobalt Aquatics,
Rods Reef,
Quality Marine,
Air Water & Ice,
Salty Critter,
Polyp Labs
SOS Light Bulbs
Reef Breeders
Saltwater Aquarium.com
Salt Critters
Bulk Reef Supply
Aquarium Artisans
Rivers to Reefs
Aquarium World
Marine Depot
Skipper Steves
Aqua Culture



BR Expo Web.jpg

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I wish I would have taken more photos but here are a couple.

This was a biologist checking on a sea turtle that had an outer shell issue. The shell was deteriorating and they were trying to find ways to stop the deterioration.


We paid to take a ride on the boat and get educated a bit on the area. They threw a net into the water and pulled whatever wild life there out to show us. Of course everything was thrown back and they have to have a permit to do this.


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34 minutes ago, Muttley000 said:

I will start hitting up vendor I have had contact with for sure.  @Jesse Is there going to be a place for vendors to display we should be mentioning or too early for that?

Everything will be on display in the center of the expo. People will be able to purchase tickets and drop them into a cup for each item they want a chance to win.

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Anyone interested in searching the internet, calling, emailing, facebooking, texting, etc. looking for donations. This is an awesome opportunity to pay it forward in helping save our ocean/hobby. 

We can use all the help we can get. 

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3 minutes ago, cptnspanky said:

Id like to get a list of places people have already contacted posted up here, this way gives everyone an idea of who to talk to and who has already been talked to

Not a bad idea. I sent out a mass email but those could have hit peoples spam boxes. Someone making phone calls would be really helpful. I know @Harleybronco, and @Dmartinsnyder83 were contacting people.

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3 minutes ago, Craig said:

Once my printer ink gets here I will be printing the flyer and going to aqua culture. 

I can get you flyers. We will print off smaller ones for them to hand out as well.

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I can contact people. I like the idea of getting a list so we aren't duplicating efforts. Rod at Rod's food is the only one I have reached out to for a donation on a personal level.   I was going to email Terrence at Neptune tonight

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I have sent emails to:

Steve Bashi at Bashsea.com

Artfully Acrylic


Billy's Reef Connection



CPR Aquatics


Fritz Aquatics

Reef Builders



OceanRevive LED

Nanobox Reef

Pacific Sun Aquarium Equipment

Reef Breeders

Polyp Labs

Triton Labs

Hamilton Technology

Digital Aquatics

Trigger Systems

Crystal Dynamic 

Reef Savvy

Triton Aquariums

Marco Rocks

Real Reef Rock

BioTek Marine



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