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Reef Crystals 40$ 200g box at 2017 Buckeye Reef expo

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Coral Reef is going to provide the expo with Reef Crystals for 40$ per 200 gallon box. Should they bring 100 or 200 boxes? Do you think 200 boxes will sell? Post here how many you plan to purchas

Sounds like a good plan.    

That picture is crazy awesome!

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1 hour ago, chiefs11 said:

So order little more than last year. That was kinda shitty if u ask me . I know you do that have control but just saying. 

To be fair nobody knew how last year was gonna turn out being the 1st year. I think it surpassed what anyone was thinking. 

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Agree with Craig, the vendors I talked to after last years event were extremely suprised by how good it was last year.  Also remember that nearly half the list of people who set up were hobbiests.  Also in rereading the thread many were snatched up by supporters leaving the speaker before the doors opened.  All that being said there were people who missed out last year, and there will be a ton more people at this year's expo.  I can't see many, if any, of a 200 box order going back to the store.

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