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I wanted to start this thread a long time ago but have waited about as long as I can.

About 10 weeks ago I placed an order with Acrylic Creations for a custom 66 Long X 24 X 24 Acrylic Aquarium (~166 Gallons). This will be a peninsula style, see through tank, that will separate two sides of my basement. I also have an order on with my favorite sump builder, LifeReef, for and CLF2 Compact Berlin Sump and LifeRefugium which will run along side my LifeReef Calcium Reactor.

I will also be going all out with EcoTech Marine products as follows:

Additional Items:
- 3 X Ecotech Radion XR30 Pro Gen 4 (Custom Acrylic Mounts)
- Ecotech Marine ReefLink Controller
- 2 X Ecotech Vortech MP40w
- Vectra M1 (Drive Skimmer)
- Vectra L1 (Drive return, refugium, and reactors)

Stocking plans for this tank will be very similar to my last SPS tank but on a larger scale. I also plan to push my luck with one or two larger angel species.

The photo attached is just after I completed cutting out the carpet, and leveling the tank stand on composite shims.  The tank now sits directly on the homes slab foundation, so no worries about falling through the floor!

Updates to come frequently and soon!!


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Got pipes? #BRS

Items in your order Qty Price 

1" Black Schedule 40 Pipe

SKU: 208350


2" Black Schedule 40 Pipe

SKU: 208352


1” Schedule 80 Female Pipe Adapter

SKU: 202545


2” Schedule 80 Female Pipe Adapter

SKU: 202547


2” Schedule 80 Tee Slip x Slip x Slip

SKU: 202633


2” Schedule 80 Male Pipe Adapter

SKU: 202543


1” Schedule 80 Union Slip x Slip

SKU: 202521


2” Schedule 80 Union Slip x Slip

SKU: 202523


1” Cepex Ball Valve

SKU: 202401


2” Bulkhead ABS Slip x Thread

SKU: 202958


2" Slip Bulkhead Strainer - Lifegard

SKU: 209097


2" Schedule 80 90° Elbow Slip x Slip 

SKU: 202473


2” Bulkhead ABS Slip x Slip

SKU: 202956


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