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What are you bringing to the buckeye reef expo?

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50 minutes ago, Muttley000 said:

Can't go, kids bday is that day and I have to be at his bday party at the bowling alley

just take a set of your clothes and stuff them with leaves and sticks, a balloon with a face drawn on it, and a recording on loop  of your voice with common Matt phrases.   Its foolproof.

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47 minutes ago, cptnspanky said:

Tape your card in your atick hand!

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That could make it so no one noticed. Along with a recording that says "no we don't need that" every time someone spoke to me lol. All joking aside as kids get older you regret what time you didn't spend. I want to be there for him even if he doesn't appreciate it now. I think next year's date is a week off this one. If so I will be there!

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thanks man but I got to get my water under control first it is killing me. I don't understand where all the phosphate is still coming from it is over 2.0 and now in my remote sand bed where I have all my plant matter I found little red flat worms seem to be only eating alage

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A Few Frag Swap Tips for Both Newbies and Veterans
1. Don't Forget Cash. Some Vendors will Take Credit Cards, but Others are Cash Only (Even if a Vendor Accepts Credit Card They Will Prefer Cash Because They Will Not Have to Pay Credit Card Fees).
2. Bring a Small Portable Cooler to Store the Corals that Bought In.
3. Admission is $5, Kids are FREE. Having the Exact Amount Helps Things Go Smoother at the Entrance.
4. Doors Open at 11:00 AM
5. Be Aware of How Much Time You Take Talking to a Vendor if what Your Discussing Doesn't Involve Buying Something . Vendors are Very Helpful and Knowledgeable and Most Will Try to Help You, but Please be Conscious of the Fact that Vendors are There to Sell and Not to Explain How to Rid Your Tank of Nuisance Algae (For Example).
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