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April Group Buy

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We have another company that is willing to participate in a group buy with the club. However, here is the problem we are running into for group buys. Some companies are willing to do a group buy, but with one large payment compared to multiple small payments per person ordering. This is especially the case when it comes to frozen foods or pods.


So my proposal to the club is this. I can take your name, number, email address, and order. I can send you an invoice requesting the total for your order via Google Wallet or PayPal. I will then purchase the group order from the months selected company.


Now we are all adults, but I know that when it comes to money people can be a little finicky, so I will lay this all out in black and white. If we place an order, the purchasing party will be responsible for pick up in a timely manner. There will be a set date for pickup, and if you are unable to make it, other arrangements will need to be made at the convenience of the person holding the items. If pickup is not made within one week of purchase you forfeit your items. Items will only be purchased if the money is recieved.


If everyone agrees to these terms, then we can place orders with companies that are willing to participate with the club.


I believe this can be a fairly simple process, and that we can make some excellent orders with companies. If you have any suggestions or feel this is something that is unacceptable, then we can stick with companies that will accept group buys with individual payments from places such as BRS.


This is something that I am arranging myself, and it has no affiliation with BuckeyeReef, other than being available to its members.



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