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April Group Buy - AlgaeBarn

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AlgaeBarn has agreed to support our club for the month of April with a group buy up to 50% off depending on order quantity. The more we order, the greater the discount will be. Deadline to order is April 20th. Please read on to see how to order. 


With this buy we will have shipments to two locations and you will have to pick it up. Pickup will be at the Frag Social on April 29th. Link to April 29th Frag Social Thread, or if you are local to Cincinnati, you can arrange to pick up from me, Crimsonvice. 

Due to the order process of AlgaeBarn, we will have to submit one large order. With this in mind, if you would like to order, please PM me your REAL NAME, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER AND YOUR ORDER (PLEASE BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE). I will then send you a PayPal request for the order total. If I do not receive funds by the deadline, your order will not be processed. 

As stated, pickup will be on April 29th at the Frag Social, or arrangements will have to be made with me for pickup. @Jesse will be the northern contact for pickup. If you are unable to make the social, other arrangements will have to be made for pick up at Jesse's or my convenience. If pickup is not made by May 6th, you forfeit your items, unless prior arrangements have been made. 

Please keep in mind this is our first group buy like this, so we may need to work out some kinks along the way. If you have questions please feel free to ask in this thread or PM me. 



Group discount on our premium live copepods and phytoplankton products. We would need a minimum of 20 items sold in order to receive 25% off MSRP. For every additional 10 items sold, we will increase the discount 5%, until you reach 50% off. See chart below.

Items Sold  Discount
20 25%
30 30%
40 35%
50 40%
60 45%
70 50%
****This sale does not apply to our live fish or jellyfish. Only copepods, phytoplankton and nano brine shrimp.****



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So unfortunately the BOGO offer does not apply to this buy. You are still able to use it separately from this transaction. So... If we reach 70 items for the buy it is 50% off, then you could place an order on their website and use the coupon. So, if you are a new customer, I guess their is not much benefit to the group buy. 

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